Top 4 Best Road Bikes for Beginners


The perfect road bike can sometimes be elusive and difficult to peg down. All over the internet there are websites trying to sell their brands and hailing them as the best. But what does “best” really mean? This is quite an ambiguous word without context. The best road bike for its intended usage? Best for racing? Best for pro or amateur use? Best for exercise? Best frame or brakes? Best for uphill or downhill riding? Best for long-distance riding?

In this blog, you will see a variety of road bikes that are the best road bikes out there for the price. Pegging down which brand, model, and type of bike is perfect for you depending on your intended usage, gender, and budget is difficult in a world where there are thousands of websites and tens of thousands of road bikes to choose from.

So, here is a little help as we feature a few excellently rated road bikes that for their rider expertise level, are the best for their price in their categories.

Motobecane Shimano Claris 24 Speed Carbon Forks: Motorbecane Mirage PRO



Featured first is the Motobecane Shimano Claris 24 Speed Carbon Forks: Motorbecane Mirage PRO.

For riders who are advanced but do not wish to spend a few thousand dollars on a pro bike, this model by Motobecane is an excellent choice. Despite being a 2016 pro-model bike, this attractive and advanced bike only costs $549.99. You can see it here at .

With full Shimano Drive Train, Carbon Fork, Custom Aero Wheels for the perfect fit, Semi-compact Aluminum Frame, and Platform Road Petals just to name a few features, this model can be compared to TREK or other specialized road bikes that cost at least $1,000, and often much more. For half the price, you can own the road find the perfect size on this 24 Speed Pro road bike that will save you money without sacrificing quality.

Masi Premiare PC1 Performance Road Bike (2013)



The Masi Premiare PC1 Performance Road Bike (2013) is another excellent road bike that simply must be considered. The 2013 model is extremely popular amongst riders and has held its value well. With a retail price of $1,519.99, you can buy this model for around $819.84—check out the following link for photos and specs: .

This is not only an attractive road bike, but it was designed for an optimal combination of lightness, compliance, and stiffness needed in a versatile road bike. Masi hit a home run with this 2013 model and it has remained on the stage ever since. The frame is made of an impressive MC3 Carbon and Elite/RS Carbon Fork for that optimal functionality.

Riders choose this bike because of the size options that are perfect for men, women, and individuals of nearly any stature, as well as the color options and most importantly—the price. With all the power of a pro road bike, you do not have to spend $1,500 or more for a pro bike with this incredible model.

The compact FSA/Shimano 18 Speed drive train allows you to dance over the climbs while the Tektro stoppers allow you to control your descents with confidence and ease. This is truly a road bike for the adventurous and off-road riders. At such an excellent price, this model deserves a spot on the Best Road Bikes for the Price. Do not pass up the opportunity to consider the Masi Premiare PC1 Performance.

Giant Avail 1 Disc, Women’s Giant Road Bike, Shimano 105 11 Speed, ALUXX SL-Grade Aluminum



Giant is extremely well-known in the road biking world, which makes it impossible to not include them in this blog.

The Giant Avail 1 Disc, Women’s Giant Road Bike, Shimano 105 11 Speed, ALUXX SL-Grade Aluminum is an epic road bike that is perfect for a quick ride, off-roading, long-distance rides, and endurance training.

This specific model is built especially for women riders, which is important to stress, because while many women find no issue riding men’s bikes, some women who are shorter in stature or require different measurements between the handle bars, pedals, and the ground, will find this model perfect for them.

Check out the link to see photos of this bike as well as specs and other information:

Giant takes into account the needs of women in their designs of road bikes. The Avail 1 Disc costs $1,500, which may seem expensive; however, this model is for pro riders and contains features and specifications that would make any other pro bike envious.

The frame is a lightweight ALUXX Aluminum and is designed for long-distance rides, endurance training, and does so by allowing the rider excellent control, endurance positioning, and handling to keep the rider in control. Over Driver steering tube is included for precision steering and a Power Core for oversized bottom bracket is used for maximum pedaling efficiency. Its advanced technology, excellent reviews, as well as specific design for women makes this bike well worth the price as an advanced model road bike.

Kestrel Talon Aero Road Carbon Bike, 22 Speed Shimano 105


Link: ,

Finally, the best has been saved for last—the Kestrel Talon Aero Road Carbon Bike, 22 Speed Shimano 105.

This road bike is beyond impressive: its carbon-fiber frame and fork were designed at the A2 wind tunnel in North Carolina, and features versatile geometry that offers the rider three degrees of adjustment in the seat tube angle using the EMS Pro seat post.

Not only are the material of this bike excellent, but the price is mind blowing. Costing even less than the Giant, the Kestral Talon Aero Road Carbon Bike is only $1,399.95! You can see the beautiful and unique design here at , where it is clear that this road bike was created with a different type of rider in mind.

Whether you are looking for the best road bike for your first, or you are an expert rider, Kestral is a brand you need to take heed of for your next purchase. Men and women alike can enjoy this uniquely designed and aerodynamic road bike without paying thousands of dollars on a pro bike that is comparable in every way besides this excellent price.

The exceptional and advanced design makes it difficult to believe that the price for the 22 speed Shimano 105 is right—this model by Kestral wraps up this list of the Best Road Bikes for the Price perfectly.

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