Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie Bike: Review

10 Price
9.9 Quality of Model for Intended Usage
10 Design
8.9 Functionality
9.9 Overall Quality

The Takara Sugiyama is a simple bike for riders with simple needs. A bike like this is needed without breaking the bank—and the Sugiyama does exactly that. The hand crafted steel frame with horizontal drop outs can handle the rugged roads of the city. In fact, Takara took the advice of city riders and city commuters, who wanted a bike without derailleurs—and the Sugiyama does this.

The Sugiyama is outfitted with a flip flop hub so that you can run it as a fixed gear or in standard freewheel, single speed mode without having to adjust components. This flat bar fixie bike uses a larger than standard 700C x 32 tires that can handle less than perfect road use.

Available in 2 sizes and 3 colors, this Takara is another ace in the company’s lineup.

Brand: Takara
Type: Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie Bike
Model: 12780-PARENT

The Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie Bike


The Takara Sugiyama is a unisex bike with color options to please any rider. With Medium (54cm) and Large (58cm) sizes available, you can choose from three attractive two-toned color schemes including Black/Blue, Orange/Yellow, and Blue/Grey.

Not only does this bike utilize a flip flop hub for fixed gear or freewheel single speed modes, but it also features 32 hole alloy wheels and colorful 700C x 32 tires made by Kenda. These tires are larger than the standard road bikes and allow for a smoother and easier ride. The front and real alloy side pull brakes round out this detailed and simple bike.

Technical Specifications and Features:

  • Flat Bar Fixie Bike
  • Frame: Handcrafted Steel
  • Flip Flop Hub for Fixed Gear or Freewheel Single Speed Modes
  • 32 Hole Alloy Wheels
  • 700C x 32 Tires by Kenda
  • Front and Rear Alloy Side Pull Brakes
  • Horizontal Drop Outs
  • Intended design function: Road Use, Commuting, City Biking
  • NO derailleurs for superior urban biking


The Good

This Sugiyama has many good aspects to look forward to. First is the lack of a derailleur and strong frame. Urban riders do not necessarily need a derailleur and Takara took this idea to heart with the Sugiyama—without a derailleur, the rider instead uses a Flip Flop hub so they can ride it as a fixed gear or standard freewheel in single speed mode. This versatility is excellent and makes this road bike even better for city biking.

This bike is definitely best used in an urban environment, for city commuters and riders. The Kenda tires can withstand less than perfect roads, however, this cycle is intended for city biking.

The designs available for this model are striking and very attractive for both men and women. Of the 3 two-toned color options available, all of them make the rider visible to others on the road. This is an excellent safety feature while offering the rider chic and trendy designs and colors to choose from.

You will definitely stand out when riding the Takara Sugiyama.


The Bad

One issue some riders may find issue with are the available sizes. This model comes in two sizes, 54cm and 58cm. For individuals around 5 foot 7 inches and under may find this bike to be too large to ride. This excludes many riders from being able to purchase this bike.


The highlight of this bike is definitely the absence of the derailleurs. As an urban-centered bike with a design geared towards commuting and city biking, the Sugiyama is outfitted with a flip flop hub so it can be run in single speed mode in standard freewheel or as a fixed gear. This gives the urban rider more appropriate options to choose from for their riding environment.



The functionality of a bike lies in the materials used to make it. Takara took the better road so to speak, and used hand-crafted steel to make the frame and lightweight alloy for the wheels and pull brakes.

The functionality in comparison to its intended niche (for urban use on city roads), is quite excellent. The Kenda tires are better than the standard tire used in other brands in this price bracket—but is only as functional as the environment the rider is in. For very rough or pothole-ridden roads, it may be best to replace the standard tires with more rugged ones if you think you need them.


Depending on what size you purchase, the Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie Bike can cost as low as $196.99 up to $413.30, on Amazon.

Overall Impression

My overall impression of the Takara Sugiyama is that Takara really took heed of the urban rider’s needs and suggestions and took a risk that paid off in this unique design. The 32 hole alloy wheels are strong enough to withstand the city roads and the 700C wheels take a 32 tire that, while not great for rough roads or off-roading, is excellent for the needs of an urban rider.


Rating Comments

The price of this bike has not compromised its quality either –this urban cycle has an overall excellent functionality, a flip flop hub perfect for city riding, well-built steel frame, a variety of attractive designs to choose from, and one of the best prices you can find for a bike of this caliber.

The unique and specific usage that this model was designed and created for is a market that is in high demand. More than ever, urban and city riders are in need of bikes that are geared towards city usage rather than the standard road bike, which is too bulky and has unnecessary speed shifters city riders do not desire or need.

This makes the Takara Sugiyama an excellent design and model for a niche riding group.

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